During my trip to Munich, Germany, I visited the Zugspitze and the Wetterstein Mountains area several times in search of the perfect spot to take photographs. I was determined to capture the beauty of the Wetterstein Mountains, but the weather was always unfavorable. On the fifth day of my trip, I woke up early to check the weather forecast, and to my delight, it promised a clear sky in the morning. I quickly decided to drive to Geroldsee to capture the sunrise, and I was not disappointed. The location proved to be the best spot to take photos of the Zugspitze and the Wetterstein Mountains from the German side, and I was able to capture some incredible shots. I am glad I took the trip and made the effort to get these amazing photographs.

I was just about to leave after taking photos of the Wetterstein Mountains, then I noticed this gorgeous golden morning light.

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