Today was probably the most exhausting day of my Iceland road trip, with a total journey time of over 16 hours, and two-thirds of the route being on unpaved roads, requiring a high level of concentration while driving. I started at 5:30 in the morning to head to Látrabjarg, Iceland’s westernmost point. The coastline in the northwest is stunning, and I made so many stops along the way that stretching a six-hour journey into almost nine hours. Látrabjarg is renowned for being a sanctuary to millions of birds, including puffins. However, regrettably, as was the case in 2019, I did not manage to spot a single one. Disappointed, I drove another six hours to my next destination of the day, Hvitserkur, also known as Rhino Rock. The weather was excellent in the morning, and I thought I’d be able to see a beautiful sunset like yesterday, but upon arrival, the sky had turned dark and overcast, with only a hint of pink light visible on the horizon. Nevertheless, Hvitserkur was a magnificent sight to behold. Just as its name suggests, it looks like a giant rhinoceros standing in the sea, and it reminded me once again of the awe-inspiring power of nature, which somewhat made up for today’s disappointments.

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