Since my first visit to Iceland in 2019, I’ve been utterly captivated by its breathtaking beauty. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, it wasn’t until today, three years later, that I was able to set foot on this magical land again. Prior to this trip, I diligently researched and planned out a detailed itinerary of all the places I wanted to visit. Though my stay was only a week, I jam-packed this road trip with full of must-visit places. As soon as I landed, I picked up my car and headed straight for my first destination: Kirkjufell. Today’s weather was predominantly overcast, but it turns out, those very clouds created the most spectacular sunset of this trip. Kirkjufell, resembles a hat in shape. However, the most famous attraction around Kirkjufell is the waterfall next to it. Although not very large, the waterfall is incredibly picturesque when paired with Kirkjufell in the background. Coupled with the stunning sunset today, the photography session was absolutely perfect.

The Panorama view of Kirkjufell

2022: Road Trip in Iceland, Day 1 1

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