Today’s original itinerary included only Hengifoss and Vestrahorn, but I decided to add Borgarfjarðarhöfn to see puffins, making today’s schedule quite full. In the morning, I drove from the camping site to the famous Hengifoss, which is located in eastern Iceland, about 128 meters high, and is the third tallest waterfall in Iceland. Hengifoss is surrounded by basalt formations, and red clay separates the basalt layers, forming a unique spectacle of red and black. Since it is a 2.5-kilometer hike from the parking lot to the waterfall, the entire morning was spent on the hike, but Hengifoss is definitely worth the visit.

In the afternoon, I drove to Borgarfjarðarhöfn in the east corner of Iceland, and was able to see a large number of puffins, which was a dream come true. (I will write a separate blog about the experience.) After seeing the puffins, I drove for four hours to Vestrahorn, which is known as the “Mirror of the Sky.” Unfortunately, the weather was still not good, and it even started to rain, so I had a short stay there. Nevertheless, I still managed to take some pretty good photos.

The Panorama view of Vestrahorn

2022: Road Trip in Iceland, Day 4 1

2022: Road Trip in Iceland, Day 4 2

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